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A Violent Intruder Training System that will help you survive an attack.

Our Violent Intruder Training System is Unique

There are many programs out there that teach you how to react to an Active Shooter/Active Threat Event. They are all based on the federal guidance of run, hide, fight. What sets our training apart from others is we prepare you for what is to come by learning from what has already happened. We don’t just show you to you how to respond, but how to plan for and ultimately win during at attack.

Our process

Below is the process we use to deliver our instruction to you and to provide optimal training results.

Law Enforcement Officers

All our instructors are current or recently retired law enforcement officers and are actively working within their respective training fields.


Our presentations do not just focus on the core content itself, but how that content is delivered to you. Our instructors keep participants engaged in our training ensuring your staff are prepared for a real-life situation.

Updated Protocols

Our programs are designed and updated with the most recent protocols and strategies available. We use case-studies and recent information to keep our programs current.

Winning mindset 

Our program will instill you with a "Winning Mindset" which is the key to success in a life or death situation.

Criminal statistics 

all statistic are obtained from FBI.GOV.
FBI.gov ›


Violent crimes in 2017


Property Crimes in 2017


Chance of burglary 


Of murder


We provide a five star service and training. 
“great ideas to go along with the answer. This was where I was most impressed with the training!"
"I thought he was great. He was very informative, yet entertaining to watch."
Teacher in Washington state 
"Best training on this subject in the 36 years I have been teaching."
Steve Jarnberg
Instructor in Washington State
"Why wouldn't someone want to attend such a meeting? The information shared is going to potentially save lives. All educators should attend."
Megan J
Teacher in Washington State

Our System is Modular

Our system is not “all or nothing” training. You select what training that you want and when you want it. Each module builds upon the other to make a complete preparedness/response program. We also offer the equipment to go along with it.
Active Threat Response Training
Emergency Casualty Care Training
Unarmed Personal Protection Training
Firearms Training

What we Offer

Online Scheduling 
Online Classes
Safety Equipment  
Emergency casualty care Training 
Emergency casualty care equipment
Self Defense equipment

Are you ready to survive your next deadly encounter?

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