Reviews from some of our students

Nate Henyan provides a five star training system, here are some reviews from our students.
Why wouldn't someone want to attend such a meeting? The information shared is going to potentially save lives. All educators should attend.


Best training on this subject in the 36 years I have been teaching.


"I feel very empowered. I know I wouldn't just panic and scream if something happens."

Grace Nichols

The instructor was awesome, easy to listen to, engaging, and very knowledgeable. He was totally 100% fantastic!!!!

James Willians

great ideas to go along with the answer. This was where I was most impressed with the training!"
"I thought he was great. He was very informative, yet entertaining to watch.

Kiley- Washington state teacher

The information we received today is potentially life saving! Thanks so much for educating us about how we can survive a vicious attack.

Nathan Briseno

I have been a teacher for over 30 years and the information made me think about how we have been doing things. It is time to make some changes.

Laura E. - Teacher - Washington State

and addressed all questions. We've been needing this training for a very long time.

Rhonda - Teacher - Washington State

The class has definitely changed my mindset, how I look at my surroundings and thinking what would I do in a shooting situation in different areas in our building. My first thought is to make sure students survive and the options that we have to survive. Definitely empowerment and not a victim. I have choices and strategies. All WSD should have the opportunity to attend this training..

Dawn C. - Elementary School Counselor - Washington State

The videos were appropriate and very powerful. One of them was difficult to watch, but this not a subject matter which can be sugar coated.
I found the instructor to be very helpful and knowledgeable. He addressed the questions with honest answers.
Very eye opening. I appreciate the harshness of these videos. Too many trainings try to "protect the viewer
This training empowered me to do things I feel need to be done in order to protect myself and my students.

Trudy - Paraprofessional -Washington State

This class was amazing and as a mom and a teacher I want all staff to know and experience this training."

Molly M. - Teacher and District Safety Rep -Washington State

“So nice to actually have a real live officer present! Plus as an SRO in the ***** district, he understands the mindset of teachers and students".

K.C. - Paraeducator - Washington State

Henyan was a very approachable person. He answered all of my questions.

JOlga - Administrative Building Secretary - Washington State

Entertaining and interesting. I was never board.

Kim- Education Assistant - Washington State

"This training did frighten me but also empowered me to know how to fight back and try to keep myself and my students safe. Hearing and thinking about school shootings without any way to counter it is more frightening then the training. Now I have a new outlook and perspective and now I can do something to make a difference."

Christena - Teacher - Washington State